Tomatillo Time!

By Sophia B and Alex H

Tomatillos- a strange fruit common in Hispanic dishes, with the taste of a tomato and the texture of a kiwi.

In Prostart I, Ms. Zimmerman pulled out a brown paper bag with a “mystery item” inside. She then passed the bag around, and the students were asked to attempt to identify the mystery fruit. Nobody had ever seen a tomatillo, but with a little bit of research, the tomato-like fruit was identified. Students were asked to research recipes that involved tomatillos, and the three choices were enchiladas verde, quesadillas with tomatillo sauce, and pollo asada tacos. With a kick of tomatillo and a pinch of garlic, Red Kitchen’s enchiladas look absolutely fantastic. Flames are flying in Green Kitchen, as they sauté their chicken to prepare for their quesadillas, topped with tomatillo sauce. Blue Kitchen is spicing things up by adding jalapenos to their pollo asada tacos, which we are very excited to taste. One member from the Red Kitchen believes that their dish will taste “decent”, while Blue Kitchen thinks that theirs will taste “freaking amazing”. Blue Kitchen is confident that their tacos will be “yummy,” and we agree. We can’t wait to try them all!

We’ve just finished tasting each dish, and they were all fantastic! Sophia’s favorite was the Pollo Asada Tacos, while Alex’s was the Enchiladas Verde. The smells in the kitchen were very tantalizing, and Alex had to refrain from eating the dishes we were supposed to be taking pictures of. Red Kitchen’s enchiladas verde was spicy, and their chicken was really well seasoned. Their presentation may have been enhanced with a little neater plate, but otherwise, we loved it. Blue Kitchen’s tacos were really fresh-tasting, and the jalapeno really added heat to the dish. We feel that there could have been a little bit more creativity in the ingredient department, but otherwise it was delicious. The quesadillas were really yummy, and the sauce had a good texture that really brought out the tomatillo taste. However, we felt it was a bit bland, and could have used some more salt.

Overall, the entire lab was successful, and we would definitely try to cook these at home.If you’d like to try these recipes yourself please click on the links below…

Pollo Asado Taco
NOTE: we substituted
chicken and it tasted great!

Enchiladas Verdes
Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Written by Jenny Zimmermann

Hi! I teach Art and FCS/ProStart here at Red Lodge High School and am very excited to share all the wonderful projects my students are working on. Whether it's pots and pans, pins and needles or pencils on paper, there is always something fun going on! :)

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