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High School Matter Leadership Luncheon

Eighteen 8th and 9th grade High School Matters students participated in our first I-Graduate Leadership Luncheon on Friday, October 26th.   This event is  one...

Close Up Raffles

The Close Up Raffle for 100 dollars of groceries at Beartooth IGA was won by Dean and Becky Meyers.  Thank you IGA and all...

Biology Class Gets a Class Pet

A concerned citizen brought in a pregnant praying mantis that had wandered into his shop. The biology class is working on naming her and...

Fine Handiwork

The Fabric and Fiber Class started our semester learning the timeless art of embroidery. Each student created their own version of the mountain pattern...

Canterbury Tales-Everything You Need To Know

AP Literature students are embarking on a pilgrimage of their own while reading Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Originally written in Middle English, Chaucer’s collection of...

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