A Welcome Back Message from Your Principal

Welcome to Another Great Year at Red Lodge High School

Welcome to RLHS school. I invite you to visit us early and often as we work together to offer your student the best educational experience possible. This is a partnership between the teaching team of Red Lodge High School, the students, and the families represented. Great things are happening everywhere. Facility upgrades, outstanding teachers, and exceptional curriculum updates are but a few examples of the dedication our leaders have invested time and energies into.

RLHS is a high school that has a proud tradition of excellence and we will make every effort to see that your time within our walls, whatever the purpose, is a respectful and meaningful experience.

Our teaching team will work tirelessly on behalf of all students and require that students come to school with the intention to learn. The teachers will facilitate the learning and the students need to volunteer the time to get the information and skills they need to be productive. Simply put…our mission is to “Provide Mountains of Opportunity”.

It is cooperation through student–teacher relationships that will help assure that every student is challenged and has the opportunity to receive a quality educational experience at Red Lodge High School. Our Teaching Team is the Best of the Best. Several of our teachers are masters level certified, veteran teachers with multiple years of teaching expertise along with several teachers and staff holding “highly qualified” status endorsements

Students should expect the best from their educators. In turn however, students must be willing to give their best efforts in and out of the classroom. This is the essence of a cooperative partnership.

Parents, I know this is a great school and we are all looking forward to the start of another banner year with the best students in the State of Montana! Together we will make this a very productive, entertaining, and progressive school year. Parents are encouraged to ask questions about their student’s progress, teachers carry the charge of challenging students to remain actively engaged in their learning, and students should expect a top-notch educational experience. Students are encouraged to get involved and stay involved in the many extra-curricular activities and clubs RLHS has to offer. There is truly something for everyone.

We feel strongly that good attendance and being on time is a vital connection to preparing responsible students for success in their future. Recently we have noted that many post-secondary institutions are now evaluating potential candidates considering grades and attendance. Along with continuing our attendance committee that will meet with individual students who acquire excessive tardy/attendance concerns, please visit with your student and note the continuation of our RLHS attendance policy specific to tardy guidelines.

With our web-based Infinite Campus Student Record Management System, RLHS students are responsible for checking their own Infinite Campus Grade/Attendance Portal. Specifically a student who makes getting to class a priority should be rewarded accordingly. A student who limits their tardy violations to less than 2 times per course will be rewarded an Attendance Incentive Bonus equal to a 2 percentage increase which will be added to the student’s final course grade. After a student’s third tardy per course, the student’s final grade will reflect a Tardy-Attendance Deficit. The Tardy-Attendance deficit will be calculated as a percentage deduction equivalent to 1% per tardy thereafter. Example, a total of 5 tardy violations = 2% deduction from the students final course grade.

We have a committed goal to insure that students are in attendance and on time for the quality instruction that our RLHS Teaching Team has prepared as often as possible insuring that your high school student can reap the benefits of the innovative teaching.  In short, if the student isn’t present, the missed educational opportunities often cannot be duplicated.

In closing, I invite you to visit RLHS often. Please take an active role in the education of your student. We value your input because together we can move mountains.  Please take the time to stop by and witness for yourself the good things RLHS has to offer. We are proud of what we do and honor the students that grace our halls.

On Wednesday, November 7, Red Lodge School District will host K-12 Grade Parent/Teacher Conferences. Specifically, RLHS will have our doors open for parents to visit 9-12 grade teachers beginning at 1:00 PM-7:00 PM. Please Call the RLHS Office at 446-1903 To Schedule Individual Conferences.  I hope you will join us.

Again…Welcome to Your Community High School and Thank You in Advance for Your Continued Support!

Rex Ternan, Principal
Red Lodge High School

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