January 17, 2019

Dear Red Lodge High School Parents, Families, Students and Community,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of my retirement from the high school principal position with Red Lodge School District at the completion of the current school year 2018-19.

It is with mixed emotions that I inform you of this decision. On one hand, I am experiencing a sense of joy, I am also somewhat sad to be leaving this wonderful community of supportive parents, students, and the incredible team of teachers, staff and administration that have made my career in education an outstanding journey. We truly have some of the best teachers in the state! Their undying devotion and dedication towards serving our students is beyond impressive, and simply highlights this commitment in the many success stories that our post-graduates share with us daily.

It has been my sincere pleasure to serve as principal of Red Lodge High School for the past twenty-one (21) years. I am proud, grateful, and honored to have been involved with developing and maintaining one of the greatest high schools in the state. I’m at a loss for words that can express the pride I feel for our school, students, staff, and families. I could not be more humbled to have been a part of the lives of the many students and families who have attended and given so much support to Red Lodge High School.

Being the Principal of RLHS for the past couple of decades has, by far, been among the best years of my professional career. There is not a day that I haven’t learned from my students and staff members. I would like to specifically thank our high school secretary, Deb Smedsrud for the many years of dedicated service and undying support…she is one in a million!

Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to both past and present members of the Red Lodge Board of Trustees for their amazing support. I sincerely appreciate the freedom, support and trust the Board of Trustees, parents and community have given me while leading the effort to maintain this outstanding high school, which has made my tenure a rich and rewarding experience—-Thank YOU!!

I will continue my responsibilities related to the preparation of the 2019-2020 school year through the end of my contract obligation, as well as tasks associated with the successful closing of this school year. I am also available and excited to help in any way that I can with the successful transition of the new high school principal. Please know that I will continue in every way I can to support the staff and the students even after the transition, and that I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to have served as your principal.

Once again, Thank You for your partnership in the education of our amazing students at Red Lodge High School, for rewarding years, and for many great memories.

Most Sincerely,

Rex Ternan