After reading the popular myth “Pandora’s Box” which explains, according to the Greeks, how the world accrued evil, the students created their own Pandora’s Box and then placed three items that represented evil and two items that represented hope into the box.

Here are some photos of the completed boxes and an example of one student’s description and explanation of each item he or she placed in the box.


  • One dollar bill represents greed.
  • Deck of cards represents the different addictions in the world.
  • A bullet shell represents pain and suffering.


  • Light bulb represents light even in the dark of night.
  • Pitcher of a bull represents the end of world hunger.


3 evils

  • A voodoo doll, a voodoo doll can represent evil because if you have a one that looks like someone it can hurt them. On my voodoo doll I have a pin that says “ let’s summon demons” and that is evil.
  • Matches for fire, fire can destroy anything in its path.
  • A red bow, red represents evil and hatred it also has points on it for something sharp.

2 hopes

  • A necklace that has a pinky promise, if you promise something good to someone, you can have hope and look forward to it.
  • A watch because in time all evil can go away, and you can always wait.