If you walk near Red Lodge High School at the correct time of day you will probably see students taking pictures all over the grounds. Some of them will have nice DSLR cameras in their hands, and some of them will just have their phones. We are delving into the attributes of photography, as well as learning how to shoot in manual mode. Since we only have two DSLR cameras to share, it takes a bit of time to really learn some of the manual functions. However, we are also discovering that the newer iPhones have some great capabilities. We have started the year learning about light and focus. I have seen many amazing photos from the students. Some of them are even finding a new passion.

Another aspect of the class is learning how to manipulate photos. If you aren’t the “pure” sort, there are some fun options in Photoshop, Lightroom, and After Effects. It should be an exciting class, and I am definitely seeing some new talent.