Montana Tech in Butte is giving some high school students from around the state a chance to build the best robot rover.

Four schools, including Butte High, Red Lodge High, Great Falls CMR and Anaconda High were given kits from Montana Tech to build robot rovers — rovers that could be sent down to rescue a trapped miner in a mine.

The Red Lodge High School Robotics class traveled to Montana Tech in Butte on Thursday (October 3rd) to receive their robot kit and an introduction training to the competition as well as a tour of a real mine where the competition will take place.

The five students on the team will receive $1000 scholarships to Montana Tech each.

Students now have until April to design, construct, and test their rescue robot rover before the actual competition.

The Robotics class at RLHS as twelve students and those students not involved with the Montana Tech project are also building robots with assistance from Mrs. Summer Graber’s science club.  The Blue and Gold robots will have a “Battle of the Bots” at Mrs. Graber’s Science Open House in the spring.

Sample rover from MT Tech

RLHS students with sample rover.

The mine the competition will take place in.

RLHS Students in the mine.