Amazing things happened in Livingston on December 10. Every single student who competed made it on to State! Here is a list of accomplishments:

Video Production Team Eli Lauver
Calahan Barker
Tyler Shrowe
Cully Luaver
1st Place
Broadcast News Production Team Lexi Williams
Zoe Avent
Kaleb Nell
Brayli Reimer
1st Place
Presentation Management Team Ava Graham
Lilly Fouts
Emmalia Sager
Kaleb Nell
1st Place
Administrative Support Team Lilly Fouts
Ava Graham
Alice Fouts
Bailey Binando
1st Place
Website Design Team Sophie Hiltner
Raiden Ovitt
Jake Stockwell
2nd Place
Integrated Office Procedures LIlly Fouts 1st Place
Advanced Spreadsheet Applications Lilly Fouts 1st Place
PC Servicing & Trouble Shooting Marshall Baker 1st Place
Information Technology Concepts Jake Stockwell 1st Place
Graphic Design Promotion Zoe Avent 1st Place
Olivia Myers 2nd Place
Colden Peterson 3rd Place
Computer Modeling Jake Stockwell 1st Place
Digital Publishing with Adobe Zoe Avent 1st Place
Sophie Hiltner 2nd Place
Digital Communication & Design Concepts Jake Stockwell 1st Place
Presentation Management Individual Bailey Binando 1st Place
Extemp Speech Raiden Ovitt 3rd Place
Human Resource Management Isabelle Sager 2nd Place
Sophie Hiltner 3rd Place
Business Law & Ethics Olivia Myers 5th Place
Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications Alice Fouts 5th Place
Brandon Emineth 8th Place
Banking and Finance Brooke Binando 5th Place
Fundamental Desktop Publishing Brandon Emineth 8th Place