This month, a student based mentoring program was initiated between students at Red Lodge High School and 5th grade students at Mountain View Elementary. Student-based mentoring is a process in which high school students are matched with younger students and share a series of time-limited, confidential, one-on-one conversations and other learning activities. Mentors and Mentees draw benefits from the mentoring relationship. Mentors have the opportunity to share their wisdom and experiences with younger children and develop new friendships. 

Twenty-three high school students met with their mentee matches and shared common interests.  The mentor matches will meet a minimum  of once a month this semester with planned activities.  

The goals of the Rams and Lambs Mentoring Program include:

  1.  Provide positive role models for elementary students
  2.  Encourage students to reach their potential and be the best version of themselves.
  3. To increase student engagement in academic and extracurricular activities
  4. To improve high school graduation rates