We are excited to be getting back into the swing of school with Course Registration Days being held on August 17th and 18th at Red Lodge High School.  The purpose of Registration Day is to pick up your schedule, sign up for a locker, pay fees and lunch and meet with the counselor if you need to make changes to  your schedule.  It is recommended that our APEX learners also come on Registration Day to get signed up for their APEX classes.
If you cannot come in person, please make arrangements to Google Meet with Mrs. Luoma by calling the office (446-1903) and Mrs. Pruitt will make an appointment for you.  Anyone wishing to visit with the counselor about their schedule may call the office and set up an appointment. Registration Schedule is as follows:
Monday, August 17 — Seniors- 9:00-12:00
Monday, August 17 — Juniors- 1:00-4:00
Tuesday, August 18 — Sophomores- 9:00-12:00
Tuesday, August 18 — Freshmen- 1:00-4:00
We are looking forward to seeing everyone next week!  Mark your calendars!