It was time for the annual Barbie Bungee Jump! Statistics students got to put their correlation skills to the test by collecting data on how far Barbie fell based on a small number of rubber bands. They then had to calculate a linear regression or “line of best fit” to make a prediction as to the number of rubber bands needed to give Barbie the thrill of a lifetime: A bungee jump that placed her as close to the ground as possible without touching. Each group only got one attempt and had a friendly competition to see who had the most accurate model. The first four jumps in the video were the jumps that counted. The following clips were after students had altered the number of rubber bands from their prediction to see what would happen. Lots of laughs were had! The video was too large to upload directly to this blog but here is the link:

Barbie Bungee Jump 2020 Compilation Video