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Where in the world is Bahrain?

I recently missed the Parent-Teacher conferences because of my military reserve duty.  If you didn’t know, I still serve in the US Navy Reserve....

Genetics and Monsters

Biology is finishing up a unit on genetics. One of the assignments is to use Punnet Squares and probability to create a monster.  Students...

Short Story Writer

After a quarter of reading and analyzing various short stories from the Bible, the Greek and Mesopotamian Cultures up to Hemingway and  the most...

November Senior Update

RLHS November Senior Update Upcoming Test Dates ACT Test- Roberts High School-  Dec. 8th SAT Test Date – December 1st   College and Military...

Ski and Snowboard Apprentices Needed

Red Lodge Mountain is looking for enthusiastic skiers/snowboarders to join our Snowsports team!  We provide a two day Apprentice Program to teach you everything...

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