Resilient Rams began as a pilot project in the Red Lodge High School after school administration identified an increase of anxiety and depressive behaviors by students.  The pilot began in the fall of 2019 in two classrooms:  Senior Prep and a Sophomore Health Class.  Red Lodge Area Community Foundation facilitated this pilot per the request of Red Lodge Schools.  The pilot was created and lead by Rebekah Easter, C.S.C.  The RLHS staff is also benefiting from Resilient Rams with four staff sessions.

For more information visit the RLACF page or contact Therese Picasso-Edwards at: or call 406-446-2820


Mindful Moments

These Mindful Moments offer easy-to-learn mindfulness practices that can help us skillfully manage stress and increase our resilience as we face the challenges and uncertainties of life. They are called practices because we do them repeatedly, just like when learning any new sport or skill, so we get really good at shifting from stressed to rest. These Mindful Moments are designed to deactivate our Stress & Survival operating system, and activate our Rest & Digest operating system. Research shows these methods increase resilience and resourcefulness by engaging parts of the brain responsible for creative, big-picture thinking, empathetic perspective-taking, and strategic problem-solving.


View and Practice Mindful Moments Here